Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

For all of you who are celebrating today, I wish you all the best memories and good food!!


Wacky Wednesday No. 2

I'll take the one on the right, thanks :)

Okay, so who has seriously considered something like this with their significant other?

Stories always welcome.


These hips don't lie...

Okay so I'm normally not one to kiss and tell, but....my hips were featured in a lovely treasury..And it makes me happy...and my boyfriend happy.... :)

The end.

Here's the link: Treasury

Leave some comment l<3ve


Hawaii Vacation: Day 1

Brief Intro:
Went to Hawaii for 2 weeks courtesy of my grandparents treating me to my graduation gift. It consisted of me (obviously), them (coolest bar-hopping grandparents you will ever meet), and my mom (older version of me and just as hilarious). Into the second week we're joined by my mom's best friend (namely, my second mother, Cathy) which left me wondering, why was she not with us the first week? You'll see why later. While I wished I could have uploaded all this wonderful, and sometimes hilarious, information to you directly after the fact, I was far to separated from my normal life (primarily my internet life) to have cared to document it online. However, I did keep a diary of what I did, and didn't do, in my iphone, and here it is for you to enjoy. I will also use pictures, when I deem necessary, or if they just make me laugh, which some do...
---The names have NOT been changed for the simple reason that I believe what happens in Hawaii shouldn't stay there :)

Day 1: Pre Halloween
We fly out of LAX, after staying at a cute little hotel the night before. Good hair day, good outfit day, flight isn't delayed, everything couldn't have been smoother. We left at about 8:15 in the morning from cold Califnornia in October sorta weather, the kind that makes you want to stay indoors, but I was on my way to Hawaii for the first time ever, and I was extatic! I had my new with tags bathing suits in tow and I was looking ahead! We flew Southwest airlines, and all I can say is I was the happiest flyer, which isn't like me because I'm a little bit of a control freak, and feel anxious when someone else is taking me somewhere and I don't have control of the vehicle. Doesn't matter. We all had our own little TVs in front of us with many options of free movies, so we were set.

  The grandparents quickly feel asleep, as expected, and my mom and I enjoyed our movies. Don't ask me why I went with a tear-jerker ( The Time Traveler's Wife) instead of my mom's comedic movie of choice, (Four Christmases) but I was still pretty satisfied with it. It almost reminded me of the feeling I was left with after watching the notebook. You know the hopeless romantic kinda feeling?

Five hours later, we landed in the most beautiful place I had ever seen, Waikiki, Oahu. And the day couldn't have been more perfect: bright, blue skies, clear aqua blue waters, and hundreds of palm trees...I soon found out, that was pretty much like any other day on the island of Oahu...

Us girls of course took a moment to take a photo right when we walked away from our airplane :)

So we stayed at the Princess Kailalani. Beautiful hotel if you ever get a chance to stay there. It's located right in the heart of Waikiki, known probably more as a shoppers paradise. Right across the way from our hotel is one of the first hotels ever to be placed in Waikiki, that I affectionately called the Plantation, becauase that's what it looked like, however, I think it is called The Moala. This hotel quickly became our little hangout as it's outside terrace and bar comes right up to the beach. (You'll see more on this hotel later)

More on point, when we arrived to our hotel, I had my first coctail, as did the rest of the gang. Mine was called a Chi-Chi (that I pronounced Chee-chee) and whether that was correct or not didn't matter to me. What mattered was finding my other Chi-Chi :) which I eventually did.

While my mom and I wanted to do nothing but fall directly into our soft and plush down-comforter beds, the grandparents convinved us that we needed to walk around and that sleeping could be had later.

So what did we do? Enjoy all of the hotels' pumpkin contests, because after all it was the day before halloween remember.

After walking through many hotels, we found what I've deemed as my favorite hotel, and determined this is the one Mario will be taking me to one day, perhaps our honeymoon. This is the first hotel ever to be put on the island. It's name? The Royal Hawaiian. Ooh I just got chills!

This may not look that fancy, but I assure you, it literally felt like love was in the air. This thing may be a little old, but that does not mean it is inferior.The picture below shows how pretty one of the hallways is. Plus, I don't know what it is about these pictures, but everytime I have a shot like this I take it. There's something about the depth that inspires me so much. After falling on love with this hotel, we realized that we were running close to empty and my grandparents wanted totake us to a really nice restaurant known as the Shorebird. Although, I can't really remember which hotel it was in, it wouldn't be too hard to find because it is right along the water. And it was really interesting because they actually let you cook your own food. And I mean they literally bring out your meat or fish raw, and you take it over to the grill and depending on what you ordered, you can even put your own seasonings on it. Crazy. Oh and their buffet is amazing. I went straight there, of course.

After the long day of traveling and walking and enjoying, naturally we passed out by 8 pm :)


It's BOGO time!

Hey guys! I know it's been so long since I posted, but lucky for me I was taken to Hawaii for two weeks as a small graduation present -- okay, small is the last thing it was! It was amazing and exactly what I needed to get myself ready for this holiday season!

Speaking of....I just set up my BOGO sale! I created a special section (you will find it on the right side of my shop) for all my BOGO items! Just in case you may never heard of this very, very, special term before, it means: Buy One, Get One 1/2 off! I'm very excited! Hopefully, this will ease you into Black Friday shopping, and instead of waiting in long lines, and talking to cranky salespeople, you can come into my shop in your pjs if you want, and stay as long as you want :)

Any of you guys doing the same or something different for Black Friday, write it in the comments! I would love to hear about all of those great sales!!



Finding laughter at the end of a sticky situation....

Ok, so I'm the type of person that is easily amused. When it comes to my little Bichon Charles, I find everything hilarious about this dog. LONG STORY SHORT....Charles became the brunt of a very sad joke Mother Nature decided to play on him the other day. Basically he fell into what I've defined as  "mysterious plant-like sticky substance"- I honestly don't even know what it was, but it was stuck in his poor little paws and mouth, and butt, and stomach, and I was using every little technique I could think of...olive oil, patience, and nothing was working. My mom and I unwillingly took him to the pet hospital/groomer down the street to be "taken care of". Bottomline: he came out a new man, as we like to say, and his butt never looked so good. LMAO! Seriously, we call him baboon because that's what his butt looks like, it is so defined! We spent the rest of the afternoon on a patio of a little Mexican restaurant close to my house, drinking beers while our little bichon enjoyed the breeze...hehe


New Items!

Hey guys, wow have I been busy! I've basically been pulling my hair out with a new cohesiveness venture, and it has been driving me crazy. I wanted to find a really nice background to use for all of my older items along with new things that are slowly making their appearance, and decided to take advantage of a cool little rod-iron thingy we have around the house. Please, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the pictures, and feel free to take a look at my new items...

Here's one of my new favorites: check it out here. I have a feeling it wont be here long.

And I also have awesome retro blouses as well:

how cute it this one? It has adorable little ties on each sleeve...and it's here

Go to my shop for more new stuff in a whole new look! And I'd like to hear what you guys think of the new photos...like I said earlier, modernpolkadot is working on a new banner and avatar for me. I can't wait to get those :)

By the way..what do you guys think of the new blog design? She did that for me as well :)


Change is good

Hey guys! So I've been a little bit busy lately doing something that is very much needed in my shop. While I've been waiting for a whole new look on my website and blog thanks to Modernpolkadot, I decided that I needed to revamp my current pictures on Etsy. And when I say revamp, I really mean completely change the look, feel, and style of my pictures, but in a good way. Thanks to much needed critiquing in the forums and helpful advice, I'm doing a complete renovation from the ground up! And. It's. So. Exciting!! Ultimately, I want the look and feel of golden Southern California to show up in the pictures.

Here's a sneak peek behind the scenes of  the Vintage Fix studio:)

I found this little guy in our garden and started visualizing his addition to all my new photos...so I scooped him up.

Okay. How cute is this? I found this old 7-Up crate attached to a dresser as a drawer and quickly fled the scene...I knew it would be an awesome prop for all my little goodies :)

Meanwhile, my little bichon Charles (sometimes Sir Charles) stood guard and made sure no lizards ran into my shots. Love it!

So stay tuned guys, and keep checking back to my shop for new updates all the time.



And the winner is........

I just had to take advantage of the prop before it was used :)

My assistant waiting patiently..

And the winner is............

Okay thanks to my handsome assistant: my boyfriend, Mario, I found the lucky store......Lazyfish! Congratulations! I will be purchasing something from you shortly!

Let me just say to all of you that joined, please don't be discouraged, there will be more contests to come!


Tempting Thursday Number 1

Ok, I enjoyed my Wednesday post so much that I decided, what the heck, let's take on Thursday too :)

So, my tempting Thursdays will be about what I am tempted to buy. Like I said, I love to browse around Etsy. Okay...I'm stalling. I don't even want to share this shop because it's my new fave and I don't want anyone else to know about it...okay, I'm kidding! I really want everyone to know about this new little shop UptownAvenue! Check out how adorable this mother and daughter ran shop is...

and some of my faves..... Here are thier AMY BUTLER Bird Post earrings

And here is a cute Blue Bird Pendant

And of course I couldn't leave these beauties out, being as they are very retro looking :)

Oh...and gues what? All of their earrings can also be clip-ons..I mean how awesome is that?
Okay are you in love yet? I fill a possible splurge coming on....


Wacky Wednesday Number 1!

Okay, So I have a bit of a thing for "days of the week" anything! Example: "Days of the week" undies are one of my favorite things or, ahem, used to be! But enough about me. I decided,  one of the best ways I could get myself more dedicated to my blog is to create for myself special days of the week. Like today, Wednesday, I decided I would call it my Wacky Wednesday! Why? Just because. Some may be about vintage shananagans...some may be about wacky things that happened in the past....Stay tuned for many more weird and wacky Wednesdays to come...

Today, I couldn't pass up a good smoking ad I stumbled upon.

Me: "I believe" I will get lung cancer.......


I love contests!

So I decided to have a little fun today!

I realized that I've spent so much time admiring all the amazing artists/talent on Etsy but I haven't made the leap to buy! I hate to use the 'r' word, but it has definitely had an impact on my spending habits, or lack there of :)

So.......I started a little contest. For all the people who follow my blog starting today, I will add their name and etsy shop into a hat (literally) and whoever's name/shop I pick out will be the lucky store I will purchase something from! I will let the winner know through a convo!

Check out the post I started here

And of course, I will show all of you what I purchased. Yay! I can't wait!


New Happiness!!

Just a couple of exciting things in my life....

Red hair is something I've thought about doing for a while, so I finally did it and feel fabulous! Who knew how much fun I would have being a red head...

Secondly, I have something that's been in the works for a while. It all started when I came into contact (through some stroke of luck I had one day) with a vintage Olympia typewriter from 1963! 1963 PEOPLE!! So of course I was extatic to have it!

Anyways, I've been thinking of using it to write letter grams, love letters, etc. as a new little venture of mine on my vintage website. What do you guys think? Would you be interested in something like this? Oh, and not only will these letters be on regular paper, but they will be on vintage paper....So we will see. I hope to have some samples on display in my store shortly, once I fiddle around with it a little.


A day of waiting

Ok..for those of you who'v ever gone to court and waited in line for a unreal amount of time...I SALUTE YOU! Went to the courthouse today, to try to get a silly little traffic violation (yes..from one of those freaking camera intersections) and got there early, dressed nice, did all the things I was supposed to do, had absolutely no idea how long it would take! FOUR HOURS LATER, I left with a sore back and tired feet! Thankfully, it was reduced more than half, so there was light at the end of the tunnel for me after all. Yippee!

So then, come home and remember I had to mail a couple of packages out, so I package them up all pretty, because, truth be told, even though I sell vintage, I still like to wrap em up in tissue paper like they're something new. Anywho, get down to the post office only to find myself stuck at the end, yet again, of a line. For a new post office, they really don't have their crap together yet! I mean come on people, get it together! Hey, that reminds me of one of my favorite songs by India Arie...

Then, when I thought "Ok Lord, I get it, you're trying to teach me patience, right?" I came to the realization that He wasn't quite finished with me yet...another line awaited me at Ross when I was making a simple little exchange!

Sorry, I know that was a crazy long rant, but I felt it may bring comfort to those of you who know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.

It's just been one of those days...


Getting to know me

Hello! I'm Brooke, creator of Vintage Fix, a retro place where all my estate sale/thrift store finds are perfectly on display!

I have a great love and respect for all things vintage from the quirky ones like this to gorgeous one of a kind finds like this and everything in between!

As much as I love vintage though, I am in awe of the artists on Etsy. I spend countless hours browsing around with no particular destination, only to become fixed on some amazing talent in the etsian world.

With that said, I wanted to start out my new blog with some of my favorite things. Welcome to my world...

Bows are already cute, but made out of wood, the cuteness factor definitely goes up! Here's an item from Bettula

pheobestreasure created this ring out of a cute little shell she found...

Coolest gauges ever..makes me want to stretch my ears! By Jahkahbees

I couldn't believe how small this needle falted plant was by dolittledesign! Have you ever seen such a thing? 

Prettiest necklace by birdseyejewelry


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