Getting to know me

Hello! I'm Brooke, creator of Vintage Fix, a retro place where all my estate sale/thrift store finds are perfectly on display!

I have a great love and respect for all things vintage from the quirky ones like this to gorgeous one of a kind finds like this and everything in between!

As much as I love vintage though, I am in awe of the artists on Etsy. I spend countless hours browsing around with no particular destination, only to become fixed on some amazing talent in the etsian world.

With that said, I wanted to start out my new blog with some of my favorite things. Welcome to my world...

Bows are already cute, but made out of wood, the cuteness factor definitely goes up! Here's an item from Bettula

pheobestreasure created this ring out of a cute little shell she found...

Coolest gauges ever..makes me want to stretch my ears! By Jahkahbees

I couldn't believe how small this needle falted plant was by dolittledesign! Have you ever seen such a thing? 

Prettiest necklace by birdseyejewelry

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