Wacky Wednesday Number 1!

Okay, So I have a bit of a thing for "days of the week" anything! Example: "Days of the week" undies are one of my favorite things or, ahem, used to be! But enough about me. I decided,  one of the best ways I could get myself more dedicated to my blog is to create for myself special days of the week. Like today, Wednesday, I decided I would call it my Wacky Wednesday! Why? Just because. Some may be about vintage shananagans...some may be about wacky things that happened in the past....Stay tuned for many more weird and wacky Wednesdays to come...

Today, I couldn't pass up a good smoking ad I stumbled upon.

Me: "I believe" I will get lung cancer.......

1 comment:

DalkullanJewelry said...

I wanted a set of those days of the week undies too, but my parents wouldn't get them for me. Oh, how I used to long for them.
The smoking ad is hilarious, people sure looked at ciggies differently back in the day.


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