I love contests!

So I decided to have a little fun today!

I realized that I've spent so much time admiring all the amazing artists/talent on Etsy but I haven't made the leap to buy! I hate to use the 'r' word, but it has definitely had an impact on my spending habits, or lack there of :)

So.......I started a little contest. For all the people who follow my blog starting today, I will add their name and etsy shop into a hat (literally) and whoever's name/shop I pick out will be the lucky store I will purchase something from! I will let the winner know through a convo!

Check out the post I started here

And of course, I will show all of you what I purchased. Yay! I can't wait!


formingnewsights said...

Thank you for doing this, its a neat idea!

-The Loose Leaf

Lazyfish said...

I'm in!added you in the blogs i follow ;)
i got the same username on Etsy, www.lazyfish.etsy.com
Thank you :O)

SuppliesHandcrafted said...

I'm following & hope you will all follow me, too!!

What a fun idea!!


Carapace said...

What a fantastic prize! I'm Carapace on Etsy, like so:
and I'd certainly love to see you visiting my shop.

But I want you to know: I'm following you for the Wacky, not the giveaway. That's just a fun bonus.:)

Carapace said...

Sorry if this doubles..
but I'd love to see you in my shop! I'm Carapace on etsy, too, so

But I want you to know, I'm not following for the contests-- I'm following for the Wacky.:D


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