Finding laughter at the end of a sticky situation....

Ok, so I'm the type of person that is easily amused. When it comes to my little Bichon Charles, I find everything hilarious about this dog. LONG STORY SHORT....Charles became the brunt of a very sad joke Mother Nature decided to play on him the other day. Basically he fell into what I've defined as  "mysterious plant-like sticky substance"- I honestly don't even know what it was, but it was stuck in his poor little paws and mouth, and butt, and stomach, and I was using every little technique I could think of...olive oil, patience, and nothing was working. My mom and I unwillingly took him to the pet hospital/groomer down the street to be "taken care of". Bottomline: he came out a new man, as we like to say, and his butt never looked so good. LMAO! Seriously, we call him baboon because that's what his butt looks like, it is so defined! We spent the rest of the afternoon on a patio of a little Mexican restaurant close to my house, drinking beers while our little bichon enjoyed the breeze...hehe


New Items!

Hey guys, wow have I been busy! I've basically been pulling my hair out with a new cohesiveness venture, and it has been driving me crazy. I wanted to find a really nice background to use for all of my older items along with new things that are slowly making their appearance, and decided to take advantage of a cool little rod-iron thingy we have around the house. Please, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the pictures, and feel free to take a look at my new items...

Here's one of my new favorites: check it out here. I have a feeling it wont be here long.

And I also have awesome retro blouses as well:

how cute it this one? It has adorable little ties on each sleeve...and it's here

Go to my shop for more new stuff in a whole new look! And I'd like to hear what you guys think of the new photos...like I said earlier, modernpolkadot is working on a new banner and avatar for me. I can't wait to get those :)

By the way..what do you guys think of the new blog design? She did that for me as well :)


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