I'm in an Etsy Treasury!

I still havent been able to figure out quite how Etsy does what they do SO WELL. I mean, here we are, shop owners, creators, and artisits, helping promote each other! In any other place it doesnt make any sense. But at Etsy, it makes perfect sense. We are all a big community of friends, supporters, and cheerleaders of others, and that is OKAY by me!

Check out the beautiful treasury that my friend Jen at Polestar created. Very simply, one of the prettiest Treasuries Ive seen in a while. And lucky for me, my adorable little goldenrod jar made the cut!

Please let Jen know how pretty the treasury is!

Isnt she adorable? I told you! And she's only $15.00 at Vintage Fix :)


Passing a little Sweepstakes your way :)

Hey Guys!

If you havent seen this website than you have been missing out! I have been shopping here for a while, and still cant get enough of their great sales! They offer everything from women's, men's, and children's clothing along with beautiful home-decor. And I'm not talking about random brands but top, expensive brands at up to 75% off their retail value. It drives me crazy! And most of their sales last about 48 hours, so its better to scoop up on these deals early on, because trust me things fly off of their cyber shelves super fast!

Anywho, I wanted to share this with you guys before the sweepstakes ends on January 23rd. All you have to do is get your friends to register with Hautelook between now and January 23rd and you will be entered in the drawing. How awesome is that? I know, I know. You can thank me later...

Good luck!

Here's the link: http://www.hautelook.com/invite/271840

(Oh and remember to tell them I sent ya!)
Brooke Amberson


Meet my new friend, Nina Ricci!

Ok so I'm not one to brag, wait who am I kidding? of course I am one to brag, especially when it's something I'm really excited about!

Can you believe someone left these at a vintage shop just lying around? I scooped these little ladies up quicker than you could say FABULOUS!

Keep checking Vintage Fix for these beauties! They will be available very soon!


So you may be thinking, hmmm...I wonder what else is up Brooke's sleeve?

Let's just say, I'm adding a cute Valentines day section:

Stay tuned!


Meet ChristineMarieDesigns!

So I held a little contest in the etsy forums asking all those fabulous etsy designers and sellers to show me there shops. Usually I will spend hours looking, I mean drooling, over some amazing shops I've discovered on my own. Which is why I decided to do this, it's so much easier dont ya think?

Anywho, ChristineMarieDesigns really impressed me! Her jewelry is a great mix of vintage appeal mixed with modern flare. I couldn't resist!

Here's a small interview in my "Meet The Seller" series:


Question 1: What inspires you to create your jewelry?

I create jewelry I would wear myself. I am a graphic designer (for my day job) and while it is creative, I find I really enjoy working with my hands. Usually I like a part of this and a part of that, and how would this look with that? I am most inspired in the evening – I think things get quieter around here and I will just start in. Some of my friends and I have what we call “crafty playdates”. We get together and eat too much and create. We learn new techniques, some unrelated to jewelry. These always get the creative juices flowing for me. I want to come home and organize my space or start creating.

Question 2:What is the jewelry making process like?

I usually start with an idea in my head. Shop for said idea, usually on etsy for really unique items and in the local bead store for findings. Browsing etsy or looking in the bead store will trigger 5 new ideas. Often, the idea in my head turns out completely different when I sit down to work. I would say it is a moving target. There are many steps to creating, say, an artisan earring. I think about the bead/silver combo, what the earwire should look like – long or short, hammered? What is the overall finish – rustic? Oxidized flat? Polished for a luster? Earwires, after all, are half the design. I often make a set for myself and test new things – I want to make sure they don’t flip and get stuck or become something that a buyer constantly has to adjust.

Question 3:What's your favorite thing to do while you’re not creating jewelry?

I have a husband, 2 young kids, 3 dogs, 1 cat and 1 gecko. When I am not creating jewelry, you can find me spending time with my family or walking dogs. I’ve recently discovered an interest in cooking from scratch. I enjoy spending time with my mom and sisters and my crafty friends.

Thanks for the wonderful interview Christine! We look forward to seeing more beautiful jewelry from you!


Sneak Peek!

I am already getting some fresh vintage up at Vintage Fix, but I wanted to give you guys a heads up of what's to come

vintage pearls

vintage pink purse

vintage lunch pail

They will be up shortly, so keep checking back :)

Antique shops are my favorite!

So yesterday was a success!

With the boyfriend in tow, we traveled about 45 minutes away from our humble abode to visit some A-M-A-Z-I-N-G antique shops. And when I say amazing, I mean we didnt just walk into one room full of untapped goodies to be discovered, but rooms on top of rooms, on top of rooms, with hundreds of nooks and crannies! I was in heaven. And did what I do best. Found some adorable little things soon to be on display in Vintage Fix.

I love what I do.....

Oh, and the sewing desk is sitting comfortably in my room, and she's already been hard at work, doing what she does best :)


Question of the day:
If you have a sewing machine, what did you name her? Mine needs a name......


New year, new ideas!

Okay, so now that my favorite time of the year is over, I am off to some amazing thrift stores!

Todays To-Do's:
1.Visit amazing thrift stores. I am off to find fabulous accessories, dresses, coats, and hats!

2. I also plan on picking up my new, well vintage, sewing machine desk I purchased over the weekend, and I will definitely be playing around with it (pics to follow!) Its adorable and I will be working on some very big projects with it.....can someone say, new handmade shop perhaps?

I'm excited to see what the new year brings Vintage Fix, as well as my imagination.....

What are your plans for the new year?


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