Creative Packaging Ideas for jewelry at Vintage Fix!

Hey guys!

I hope all is well in your lives these days! I know that I've truly been enjoying the small bits of warmth that's been scattered amongst Southern California lately. What a blessing it is! Let's here it for spring!

Among all this lovely weather, I've been working on new ways to add a handmade touch to Vintage Fix, but still keep the look of my shop consistent. It's so important for me to still have my things look retro or vintage-y even it they aren't.

As you may know, my retro button studs have been up since Valentines day, as they were a promotional item I came up with to celebrate the month of love, but now since I've decided to keep them up as a customizable item for anyone to make any time of year, I felt I could get really creative with shipping them.

I chose to incorporate some items I had on hand, like vintage buttons and vintage fabric to wrap them Furoshiki style, a style I've been obsessed with recently and the reason for doing this is to not only re-purpose my own fabric, but to offer the fabric in a cute way so that it may be re-used by my customers in any type of project they may need it for. Everybody wins!

Here's what I came up with:

Step 1: Materials

a piece of scrap fabric, fabric scissors (not pictured), measuring tape, twine, a button or charm, a small craft box, burlap material, a rubber stamp to decorate a note, a stamp ink pad.

Step 2:

Cut the fabric to approx. a 9" x 9' square. Feel free to make the square bigger or smaller to suit your needs. Just make sure its a square.

Step 3

Cut the burlap material to fit the inside of your small craft box (both can be purchased from a craft store).

Step 4:

Fit the cut piece of burlap into your box and attach your earrings or jewelry. I used my customizable studs, which can be purchased here.

Step 5: Make a note. 

Handmade notes are a wonderful way to show the person your giving the gift to how much time you took to make it special. I always type my notes with my vintage typewriter and I stamped a butterfly for this one (feel free to be creative here).

Step 6

Cut the note smaller to fit under your box (Or you can attach the note on the outside of your wrapped box with the charm by hole-punching it and tying it on with the twine). Place note and box diagonally on the piece of fabric with fabric face down.

Step 7

Fold top right corner over the box and tuck under.

Step 8

Fold bottom left corner over the box and fold under also. It should resemble a crepe :)

Step 9:

Flip it over.

Step 10:

Bring both leftover ends together in the middle and tie them together.

Step 11:

Tie on charm with the twine.

Voila! A cute way to re-purpose fabric and wrap a gift! 

Enjoy your Thursday!



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