Christmas in July

Hey guys! How do you celebrate Christmas in July? Wha.....haven't heard of it? Well, here's a hint about it, IT MEANS A GREAT SALE! Okay that's a little more than just a hint, but here's what I like to do:

*FREE SHIPPING on all my items!*


PS>Hope everyone has a great weekend!


What does independence mean to you?

So, lately I've been doing alot of thinking....crazy I know. I've been out of school for a little over a year now, I'm surprised I still have some brain cells floating around in there.

All jokes aside though, what does it mean for people to celebrate indepedence?

Many people, especially here in the States looooove B-B-Qs with close friends and family while they share stories over burgers, hot dogs, and beer, Or at least, that's what always happens at my celebrations......

drumroll please......[And speaking about celebrations, this wonderful holiday couldn't be more fitting for me in my life as I just moved into my first place with a close friend of mine, and I am officially a free woman! Woohooo!]

Anywho, my independence means:

No more putting away dishes until I'm good and ready to do so.
Walking around in my undies.
Eating and drinking what I want.
Waking up to the sound of my own thoughts instead of other people trying to wake me.
Singing (very loudly) in the shower just becasue I can.
Reminiscing with my roomate about random things over coffee. or tea. or beer.
Spur of the moment trips.

You get the idea.

Ps. pics will be coming soon. I'm very excited to show off my new place!


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