Hot Studs!

Hey guys! Happy Friday! I just wanted to end this workweek with a lovely array of handsome men for you to fiest your eyes on. JK. But don't tell me that didn't cross your mind when I had the word stud in my post title!

No, instead I've been spending some time looking through Etsy (not that surprising) and I came across a really adorable pair of stud earrings by AnnaRubyKing. Now, if you guys haven't seen her work or heard of her, check her out because her attention to detail and color will blow you away. No, literally.

More importantly though, Annarubyking inspired me to create a collage, among the many I already have under my belt, of different types and styles of stud earrings. Each one of these babies was specifically hand-picked for a reason, mainly being that they were so darn cute, but also, something I would definitely wear. And they are so spring-y! Love it!

Let me know what you think!



For your listening pleasure

Okay, I'm really digging this video and song right now...Random. For your listening pleasure.


Happy Friday!

Hey guys! Hope you had a great week.

I know mine was a little tough, as I have been desperately looking for a new job. The subbing thing really took a toll on me last week and it took everything in me to sub for a friend of my mine and my mom's today. I've pretty much deterimned that I need to find something that really makes me happy and doesn't require stress and anxiety. Is that too much to ask people?

But enough about me! I am excited because one of my long time friends since middle school ( about 10 years) is having a baby shower for her first little bundle of joy on Sunday. So this weekend should be nice and enjoyable.

What do you guys have going on this weekend?


April showers bring May flowers

Hey guys.

I had the craziest storm show up unannounced on my doorstep yesterday, and of course I thought, "Why didn't anyone tell me this was coming?" and then I thought...Duh! Of course we will be getting these storms! It is April after all. Herego, my newest collage!

 The jewelry, apron, and art were found by typing in "April showers" Okay so I had a couple of spots left over and added in two new items of my own that will be up shortly on Vintage Fix -the heels and the fruit bowls :) Yay!

Happy Tuesday!

{[art] Sarahjanestudios, from bottom left to top right-[earrings] lkfarnsworth, [apron] Vintagegreenlimited, my bowls, [necklace] GoodWitchCreations, [print] Cindimh2, my heels, [clutch] jenniferladd}


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