So, wow another month has gone by! Isn't it crazy how we always say were busy, but what are we so busy doing? It's one of theose comments that you say to get yourself off the hook, but are you really THAT busy, or does it make you feel better about yourself to tell other people how busy you are? So I'm not even going to go there.

[Something to think about, maybe even meditate on.....]

Actually, the real reason I dropped by this morning is to share a great piece of advice my boyfriend of five and a half years just shared with me. I'm not sure if I should give a background story on this, so let me just share the advice first and if I need to elaborate more, I will.

He said that he just had a conversation with an old man around the age of 100. And of course, I don't know about you guys, but when we ( I'm talking about my bf and I ) meet someone of that age, we can't help but wonder what the secret is to living that long? What did they discover along the road of life that led them to where they are today? We're both very philosophical, I know.

The old man said, " You have to be able to laugh most things off " - hmmmm...think about that for a second.

To me that means that my lovely neighbor who keeps whistling at me everytime I come out of my house, and when I kindly ask him to stop, refuses, I should be able to laugh it off instead of seriously contemplating what will do to his house, car, etc.

To me it means when I get stuck in a traffic jam on my way to some very important place, I need to just laugh it off, preferably right by the window of the cars right next to you, so they can wonder to themselves about what in the world is so dang funny!

To me it means when I make a comment about what my bf is doing with his life and get a smart ass remark or eye rolling from certain unnamed members of my family, I should laugh about how narrowminded and ignorant they are, instead of letting make my blood boil!

What does this piece of advice mean for you?


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