Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

For all of you who are celebrating today, I wish you all the best memories and good food!!


Wacky Wednesday No. 2

I'll take the one on the right, thanks :)

Okay, so who has seriously considered something like this with their significant other?

Stories always welcome.


These hips don't lie...

Okay so I'm normally not one to kiss and tell, but....my hips were featured in a lovely treasury..And it makes me happy...and my boyfriend happy.... :)

The end.

Here's the link: Treasury

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Hawaii Vacation: Day 1

Brief Intro:
Went to Hawaii for 2 weeks courtesy of my grandparents treating me to my graduation gift. It consisted of me (obviously), them (coolest bar-hopping grandparents you will ever meet), and my mom (older version of me and just as hilarious). Into the second week we're joined by my mom's best friend (namely, my second mother, Cathy) which left me wondering, why was she not with us the first week? You'll see why later. While I wished I could have uploaded all this wonderful, and sometimes hilarious, information to you directly after the fact, I was far to separated from my normal life (primarily my internet life) to have cared to document it online. However, I did keep a diary of what I did, and didn't do, in my iphone, and here it is for you to enjoy. I will also use pictures, when I deem necessary, or if they just make me laugh, which some do...
---The names have NOT been changed for the simple reason that I believe what happens in Hawaii shouldn't stay there :)

Day 1: Pre Halloween
We fly out of LAX, after staying at a cute little hotel the night before. Good hair day, good outfit day, flight isn't delayed, everything couldn't have been smoother. We left at about 8:15 in the morning from cold Califnornia in October sorta weather, the kind that makes you want to stay indoors, but I was on my way to Hawaii for the first time ever, and I was extatic! I had my new with tags bathing suits in tow and I was looking ahead! We flew Southwest airlines, and all I can say is I was the happiest flyer, which isn't like me because I'm a little bit of a control freak, and feel anxious when someone else is taking me somewhere and I don't have control of the vehicle. Doesn't matter. We all had our own little TVs in front of us with many options of free movies, so we were set.

  The grandparents quickly feel asleep, as expected, and my mom and I enjoyed our movies. Don't ask me why I went with a tear-jerker ( The Time Traveler's Wife) instead of my mom's comedic movie of choice, (Four Christmases) but I was still pretty satisfied with it. It almost reminded me of the feeling I was left with after watching the notebook. You know the hopeless romantic kinda feeling?

Five hours later, we landed in the most beautiful place I had ever seen, Waikiki, Oahu. And the day couldn't have been more perfect: bright, blue skies, clear aqua blue waters, and hundreds of palm trees...I soon found out, that was pretty much like any other day on the island of Oahu...

Us girls of course took a moment to take a photo right when we walked away from our airplane :)

So we stayed at the Princess Kailalani. Beautiful hotel if you ever get a chance to stay there. It's located right in the heart of Waikiki, known probably more as a shoppers paradise. Right across the way from our hotel is one of the first hotels ever to be placed in Waikiki, that I affectionately called the Plantation, becauase that's what it looked like, however, I think it is called The Moala. This hotel quickly became our little hangout as it's outside terrace and bar comes right up to the beach. (You'll see more on this hotel later)

More on point, when we arrived to our hotel, I had my first coctail, as did the rest of the gang. Mine was called a Chi-Chi (that I pronounced Chee-chee) and whether that was correct or not didn't matter to me. What mattered was finding my other Chi-Chi :) which I eventually did.

While my mom and I wanted to do nothing but fall directly into our soft and plush down-comforter beds, the grandparents convinved us that we needed to walk around and that sleeping could be had later.

So what did we do? Enjoy all of the hotels' pumpkin contests, because after all it was the day before halloween remember.

After walking through many hotels, we found what I've deemed as my favorite hotel, and determined this is the one Mario will be taking me to one day, perhaps our honeymoon. This is the first hotel ever to be put on the island. It's name? The Royal Hawaiian. Ooh I just got chills!

This may not look that fancy, but I assure you, it literally felt like love was in the air. This thing may be a little old, but that does not mean it is inferior.The picture below shows how pretty one of the hallways is. Plus, I don't know what it is about these pictures, but everytime I have a shot like this I take it. There's something about the depth that inspires me so much. After falling on love with this hotel, we realized that we were running close to empty and my grandparents wanted totake us to a really nice restaurant known as the Shorebird. Although, I can't really remember which hotel it was in, it wouldn't be too hard to find because it is right along the water. And it was really interesting because they actually let you cook your own food. And I mean they literally bring out your meat or fish raw, and you take it over to the grill and depending on what you ordered, you can even put your own seasonings on it. Crazy. Oh and their buffet is amazing. I went straight there, of course.

After the long day of traveling and walking and enjoying, naturally we passed out by 8 pm :)


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