Tempting Thursday Number 1

Ok, I enjoyed my Wednesday post so much that I decided, what the heck, let's take on Thursday too :)

So, my tempting Thursdays will be about what I am tempted to buy. Like I said, I love to browse around Etsy. Okay...I'm stalling. I don't even want to share this shop because it's my new fave and I don't want anyone else to know about it...okay, I'm kidding! I really want everyone to know about this new little shop UptownAvenue! Check out how adorable this mother and daughter ran shop is...

and some of my faves..... Here are thier AMY BUTLER Bird Post earrings

And here is a cute Blue Bird Pendant

And of course I couldn't leave these beauties out, being as they are very retro looking :)

Oh...and gues what? All of their earrings can also be clip-ons..I mean how awesome is that?
Okay are you in love yet? I fill a possible splurge coming on....

1 comment:

burrito said...

Oh - that pendant is lovely!


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