New Items!

Hey guys, wow have I been busy! I've basically been pulling my hair out with a new cohesiveness venture, and it has been driving me crazy. I wanted to find a really nice background to use for all of my older items along with new things that are slowly making their appearance, and decided to take advantage of a cool little rod-iron thingy we have around the house. Please, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the pictures, and feel free to take a look at my new items...

Here's one of my new favorites: check it out here. I have a feeling it wont be here long.

And I also have awesome retro blouses as well:

how cute it this one? It has adorable little ties on each sleeve...and it's here

Go to my shop for more new stuff in a whole new look! And I'd like to hear what you guys think of the new photos...like I said earlier, modernpolkadot is working on a new banner and avatar for me. I can't wait to get those :)

By the way..what do you guys think of the new blog design? She did that for me as well :)

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tattytiara said...

Your blog is beautiful is what I think of your blog. I've been thinking about finding someone to make mine look a little less like the wrong end of a dog myself.


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