Mother's Day Shananigans

Hey friends!

How was everyone's mother's day? Although, I am not a mother yet, I love the idea behind mother's day. A day when we show our love to the women who birthed us, fed us, wiped us, watched us, bathed us, cleaned us, taxi-d us, took care of us even when they didn't want to, and most importantly loved us!

Go moms!

{Here's what I did:}

I custom made my mom a tank top using a wonderful little website called http://www.zazzle.com/. It may seem corny, but it came out oh so cute! The shirt actually was bound to happen as it started out of a joke, and our little bichon Charles (whom were so freaking crazy about, it's sick!) at the center of it (as he usually is) and my younger sister and I always said we wanted to make shirts of it, so I thought, what the heck, "Now's as good a time as any!"

Here's the background: One night my mom and I were thinking of new decorations we could put on top of her kitchen cupbourds since she has about 2 feet of space to her ceiling. I made a comment about how there are those large word decorations that say "family" and "love" and wouldn't it be funny if we had one that said "Charles" and another one that said " Number 1" and people would come over and say, "Oh, is Charles your husband?' and we would very matter of factly say, "No, Charles is our dog," - Okay, maybe it was one of those you had to be there moments, but we laughed for about 15 minutes! And it's been an inside joke (well, not anymore) ever since!

For some reasaon, since I'm having a hard time getting pics up, and my stubbornness wont allow me to wait any longer before putting it up, here's the link.

Anywho, what did you guys do for your mothers?

P.S. She loved it!


The Vintage Years said...

What a great idea for mother's day! I went to Florida (from NJ) to visit my mom for mother's day. Okay, that was for me too...

who.knows.what.dreams.may.go said...

very cute idea! i will have to keep zazzle in mind for future occassions:)

my m-day was simple, i made my mom and my aunt dinner: chicken enchilades :) it was a fun and relaxing evening.

Brooke said...

Those sound great you guys! I still have yet to experience Florida. I hear its a world of difference from CAlifornia.

And Chicken enchiladas, enough said. Those are one of my favorite dishes!


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