Crazy week!

Wow, you guys, have I had the craziest rollercoaster of a week!

[Can I just comment on how nice it is to reflect on this week right now to the sounds of birds and a cool breeze coming from outside. Awesome.]

I literally had a ton of things going on this past week. Instead of boring you with all the details, I wanted to list them- because I love making lists! Yay for lists!


*Saturday, April, 24th: My bf and I got his and hers scooters! Woot!

*Sunday, April 25th: I fell off my shiny red scooter after leaving church to a series of unfortunate circumstances. Ouch! Felt that one right on my tailbone.

*Monday-Wednesday: Accepted a substitute job at a childcare center for infants. Been a long timne since I have changed diapers! Worked full time. Boy was I tired.

*Wednesday, April 28th: Got sick. poop.

*Friday, April 30th: Went miniature golfing and lost.

Saturday, May 1st: Dyed my hair and only my roots took to the color. Yes, it looks like crap.
- went to a wedding - hair still looked like crap.

Sunday, May 2nd: Went to the bf's for a birthday party, and he gave me my very own biker leather jacket. Now I reeaallly feel cool on my scooter!

Today: Lazy day filled with taking of pictures and listing a new item here

The end.

1 comment:

Galit said...

Great busy week you had!!
Enjoyed reading your wrap-up

Enjoy your lazy day today!! :)

P.S. Would you please share your new scooters photos? Sound like fun!


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