Here I am again....jobless. No, I'm not unemployed, I'm just without a job today. Actually, I've been without a job all week. You see as a substitute teacher, I love having the OPTION of deciding whether or not I feel like going to work. If I wake up in the morning not feeling like going, I don't have to- and it's great!

I also love having the OPTION of not going back to a school that I didn't feel very welcomed at, which, as sad as it is, DOES HAPPEN. You see, we substitutes aren't treated like real teachers. But when I'm standing up there in front of a class explaining to them what cross multiplication is and I turn around, only to find empty stares back at me, and I'm searching for relatable skills to help me get through to those kids, I feel like I'm a teacher. And why shouldn't I?

So no work this week for me so far. It really is bittersweet though. I want to work. I do. But the whole not getting paid anything that day for not working is what gets to me. And it makes it kinda difficult when my adorable, handsome, and fun boyfriend wants to hang out with me and tells me how much he misses me.

Do you see where my dilemma is?

So my plan is:
  1. Get my hair done
  2. See the boyfriend
  3. Work on a necklace I have in my mind
Ah, who am I kidding? No. 3 is pushing it, but it was worth the try.

(photo by tj)

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Chelsea said...

I can relate to your 3-point plan :) 1 and 2 aren't so hard, but 3 gets touch! I love the music you have playing here...great posts, I'll be back :)
-Chelsea, islapink


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