get inspired by yellow and grey (gift giving ideas)

2. vintage mandolin brooch, Trottinette, $18
3. vintage rotary telephone, Flyingace, $37
4. bright yellow necklace, violasboutique, $15

Is it just me, or does this color combo have you swooning too? For some reason, this combination makes this girl very happy. Maybe its because yellow is known as a happy color, while grey adds a calming effect? Hmmm. being muy contento in my little yellow heaven is not so bad so I'll stop trying to figure it out. Instead, I'll just let it be.

But not before I dig up some more great finds, and who knows, gift ideas for this upcoming holiday. Enjoy friends!

Set of Vintage Triple Pots

vintage triple pots, modredvintage, $95


vintage grey heels

vintage grey heels, vintagefix, $34

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Ayse of Violasboutique said...

Fabulous choices!Love yellow with grey, too!Thanks so much featuring my necklace in your lovely blog!

Modred Vintage said...

Such great picks! I'm honored to be included, thanks!

Ashley said...

Lovely composition! I love this color combo, too!
Thank you so much for including my telephone here!

Sarah Brown said...

Such great choices! Thanks a million for including my wallet! I love that bed picture. What I wouldn't give to own that! :)

jorjiapeach said...

ooo. that bed is dreamy. pun intended.


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