April showers bring May flowers

Hey guys.

I had the craziest storm show up unannounced on my doorstep yesterday, and of course I thought, "Why didn't anyone tell me this was coming?" and then I thought...Duh! Of course we will be getting these storms! It is April after all. Herego, my newest collage!

 The jewelry, apron, and art were found by typing in "April showers" Okay so I had a couple of spots left over and added in two new items of my own that will be up shortly on Vintage Fix -the heels and the fruit bowls :) Yay!

Happy Tuesday!

{[art] Sarahjanestudios, from bottom left to top right-[earrings] lkfarnsworth, [apron] Vintagegreenlimited, my bowls, [necklace] GoodWitchCreations, [print] Cindimh2, my heels, [clutch] jenniferladd}

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